We Issued 14,000+ Free Warnings in July

The UK used car market can be a minefield if it’s not navigated with caution, this is why we have started issuing free warnings on vehicles we know have issues via our initial check.

 In July 2020 alone we issued over 14,000 warnings on our initial check, these warnings include vehicles with mileage issues, vehicles seen on salvage, write off vehicles and more. Anyone can perform an initial check entirely free on the homepage or by entering a reg above.

Warnings issued in July 2020

Broken down are the warnings we issued in July, we are issuing warnings on approximately 7.59% of all initial searches, these warnings include:

  • Mileage warnings: 10,014 issued
  • Seen on salvage warnings: 2940 issued
  • Hidden history warnings: 1458 issued
  • Multiple warnings (e.g. mileage, salvage and/or hidden history): 281 issued
  • Total warnings issued in July on initial checks: 14,131

Want to find out more about free warnings? Check out our previous blog post here for more information.

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