Free Mileage Check

Free Mileage and Clocking Check that you need to use before you buy any car

Are you considering purchasing a used vehicle? Whether you’re a seasoned car buyer, a dealer, or a first-time owner, understanding a vehicle’s history is crucial. Among the critical factors to consider is mileage. In this article, we delve into mileage checks, why they matter, and how they can help you make informed decisions.

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What Does the Free Mileage Check Include?

  • Last 30 Mileage Records: Mileage checks typically display the last 30 mileage records. However, the automated checks often evaluate the last 50 records to spot any discrepancies.
  • Simple Warning Message: The mileage check scans the vehicle’s mileage history for any anomalies. If irregularities are detected, you will receive a warning accompanied by an explanation.
  • Mileage Graph: Reports often feature a graph illustrating the last 25 mileage records. This visual representation can help you quickly identify anything unusual.

How Many Vehicles Have Mileage Issues?

  • In a sample test of 12,300 unique vehicle registrations, 797 showed mileage issues. This indicates that approximately 6.47% of the vehicles examined had discrepancies in their mileage records.
  • To estimate the total number of vehicles with mileage problems in the UK, we need to consider the total vehicle population. As of December 2018, there were approximately 38.2 million vehicles in the UK. If we apply the 6.47% discrepancy rate to this figure, it suggests that an estimated 2.47 million vehicles in the UK may have mileage inconsistencies. However, please note that these figures are estimates based on the test conducted.

How Was This Data Collected?

  • Before the tool’s release, a comprehensive test was conducted in June 2019. A total of 12,300 unique and randomly selected vehicle registration plates were processed to gather the statistics mentioned above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who Was This Report Designed For?

  • A: This report caters to vehicle owners, buyers, dealers, and traders.

Q: What’s the Purpose of This Report?

  • A: The primary aim is to simplify the process of identifying mileage discrepancies, saving users from manually sifting through MOT records. This tool provides a free and rapid solution.

Q: How Many Mileage Records Does This Report Check?

  • A: It checks a maximum of 50 records for known discrepancies, although many vehicles don’t have this many records.

Q: How Many Records Are Shown in the Bar Graph?

  • A: The bar graph displays a maximum of 25 records.

Q: Where Are the Car Mileage Records From?

  • A: Car mileage records used in this report are sourced directly from the MOT database.

Q: Is This the Only Report Needed for Buying a Used Car?

  • A: No, for a comprehensive evaluation when buying a used car, additional checks are necessary. A full car data check is recommended. Vehicle registrations can be copied or cloned, so conducting these checks ensures you’re examining the genuine vehicle.

Q: Is This Report Free?

  • A: Yes, this report is entirely free, and no credit card or payment information is required.

Q: Are There Any Guarantees with This Report?

  • A: No, for data guarantees and additional peace of mind, it’s advisable to perform a free car check and consider upgrading to a Deluxe check. The Deluxe check provides comprehensive information about a vehicle’s history, including whether it has been written off, is on finance, stolen, and more.