Car Spec Check By Reg – A Free Report by Entering your Plate

Rapid Car Check provides a free car spec check by reg which allows you to see a vehicle’s specifications simply by entering its registration. The report is available within seconds of you entering the vehicle’s registration and doesn’t cost anything.

Feel free to give our free check a try by entering a vehicle registration above or visiting our homepage.

The Free Report Includes These Specs

  • Make & Model
  • Fuel type
  • Engine size
  • Brake horsepower (BHP)
  • Age of the car
  • First registered date
  • Tax & MOT Status (Expiry date)
  • Emissions
  • Last 3 MOT records

This information is especially useful for anyone planning on buying a used car, as you also have the option to upgrade to a deluxe check. Our deluxe check allows you to see if there’s any outstanding finance or hidden history on the vehicle.

How Does This Work?

Once you have entered a vehicle registration and clicked “Check Vehicle Now” you will be taken to the free vehicle report. This page shows you vehicle data and specifications from numerous different sources.

car spec check 2 rapid car check

Need more vehicle data?

If you are serious about buying a vehicle then it’s worth performing a deluxe check, we currently offer our deluxe check, which is a comprehensive vehicle data check for £8.99.

car spec check rapid car check

Our complete check includes vital information such as:

  • Stolen check (Police & insurance)
  • Outstanding finance check
  • Mileage discrepancy check
  • Written off check
  • Registration plate change records
  • Colour change records
  • Scrapped and Unscapped check
  • Import/Export check
  • Vehicle valuation (Private, dealer and auction price)
  • V5C logbook date
  • VIN (last 4 digits)
  • Engine number
  • And more.

We are one of the lowest cost providers when it comes to vehicle history checks and offer a sample report of the deluxe check, so you can get a feel for what the report includes before deciding if you need a check.

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