Developer API WordPress Plugin for UK Vehicle Checks

Our Free Vehicle Check API plugin designed by CROLL GROUP LTD, which is used by your website, was originally developed as a value-added tool to help Rapid Car Check and your website grow.

Free Vehicle Data UK plugin makes adding a vehicle search by registration to your WordPress site quick and easy, plug in to the free version of the Rapid Car Check API in minutes.

Includes PDF guide and short code list to implement vehicle data by registration into your WordPress site, entirely free API access and usage statistics in admin backend.

Presently, the free subscription gives you 140 checks a month.

You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription within the account area.

If you think you will go over the new limits each month, please top up your free amount with one of the packages in your account area.

  •  500 monthly checks at £10.50
  •  1000 monthly checks at £20
  •  2000 monthly checks at £36
  •  5000 monthly checks at £80
  •  10,000 monthly checks at £140

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