Free Stolen Car Check For UK Vehicles

Free Stolen Check By Registration

Rapid Car Check provides a free vehicle report which includes a free UK police stolen check. All you have to do is enter the vehicles registration and sign up for a free account to check if there is any record of a vehicle being recorded stolen on the UK police national computer (PNC).

Other Free Checks Included

These free checks are especially useful to used car buyers, who may want to perform a quick and free check to see if there is anything untoward about a vehicle before buying a comprehensive check, if something flags up on our free check you may have just saved yourself buying a full check!

How Does This Work?

Once you have entered the vehicle registration (either above or on the homepage) and clicked the “Check Vehicle Now” button, you will see the free report, you will find the free checks area just below the vehicle information section (shown below in the screenshot).

Stolen Vehicle Example Report
Free Stolen Car Check For UK Vehicles 2

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