We use official sources such as Motor Insurance Anti-Fraud Theft Register, DVSA, Experian PLC, the DVLA and the Police National Computer (PNC) to check your vehicle history data

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Nearly 1 in 5 used cars for sale aren’t owned by the sellers. Around 18% are legally owned by HP and finance companies, while some are stolen. There are also well over 200,000 stolen log books around – used to hide the history of vehicles you really don’t want to buy

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When buying or selling a vehicle, understanding its history and condition is paramount. A Rapid Car Check offers a thorough check, giving essential insights into the vehicle’s past. This comprehensive report is key to making a smart, informed purchase, ensuring you have all the necessary information about the car’s history.

Why a Rapid Car Check is Essential:

Accident History:

Reveals any past accidents, crucial for assessing vehicle safety and repair quality.

Service Records:

Includes a look at servicing history, indicating how well the car has been maintained.

Ownership History:

Tracks ownership changes, highlighting potential issues like frequent turnovers.

Outstanding Finance:

Ensures the car isn’t burdened with unpaid loans, protecting you from legal complications.

Mileage Check:

Confirms if the car’s mileage is consistent with its history, detecting potential odometer fraud.

The Benefits of a Car Check

Informed Decisions:

Provides a clear picture of the car’s condition, aiding in negotiation and decision-making.

Financial Safety:

Helps avoid investments in problematic vehicles, saving money on future repairs and legal issues.

Legal Compliance:

Ensures all legal requirements are met, preventing future disputes or complications.

Rapid Car Check – No.1 Choice for Car Checks

A Rapid Car Check is an indispensable tool in the car buying process. It equips you with essential information about the car’s history, guiding you toward a safe, reliable, and worthwhile vehicle investment.