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Getting a cars history from us is a cost-effective solution, for £8.99 our deluxe check gives you peace of mind and includes vital information such as

Vital Information

Outstanding finance
Write off / Salvage
Stolen check
Imported / Exported
Plate changes
Colour changes
Number of previous owners
Recorded mileage

Vehicle specifications

Vehicle colour
Fuel type
Number of doors / seats
Engine size

Vehicle Data:

V5C Logbook date
Engine number
VIN (Last 4)
Road tax status
MOT history / status
Average yearly mileage
And much more..

The History of Vehicle Checks

Rapid Car Check is not the first UK website to start offering car registration checks. The first company that started offering them was the company that is now known as HPI Limited. Please note, Rapid Car Check is not affiliated with HPI check.

Car reg checks first started back in 1938 when the system was a manual and paper based one which made the checks take several days to return sometimes. Now things have gone digital and checks are carried out in seconds.

With this brings an array of websites that offer vehicle history checks including: HPI Check, TotalCarCheck, CarStatusCheck, CarTaxCheck, InstantCarCheck, MyCarCheck, Car Analytics, CarVeto,, RAC Car Passport, AA Car Check,, TextReg & Greenflag.

Whilst there’s plenty of choice, we are proud to offer some of the best pricing (especially for vouchers) as well as the easiest to understand reports on the market.

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