How and Where to Unlock Your Car Radio

That feeling when your car battery dies and the radio is asking for an unlock code, it can be a real nightmare, luckily enough there’s several of options available for recovering a lost radio unlock code these days, some of which we will mention in this blog post.

The owner’s manual

First things first, check the owner’s manual (usually located in the glovebox) as this may have your radio’s unlock code. It’s worth double checking the owner’s manual before reading on.

Call the car manufacturer

If the owner’s manual didn’t reveal anything, then it’s worth giving the radio or car manufacturer a call to ask for further assistance, they may require further information from yourself but can help in most cases.

If you’re still no closer to getting your unlock code after following the above 2 steps, then move onto the steps below, which cover getting your unlock code online or at a dealership/garage

The Internet

The internet is a quick and easy option for getting radio unlock codes, there are several places and websites that offer to send your unlock code instantly or within a short space of time for a small fee:

Radio Code King

Radio Code King offers instant or fast delivery on lost radio codes for a small fee. Most of the codes are delivered in less than 10 minutes and are backed with a money back guarantee if what they deliver doesn’t work.

Decode My Radio

Decode My Radio offers a free and instant radio code recovery service.


Sellers on eBay probably offer the cheapest option, although delivery time isn’t necessarily as fast as using a delivery time-guaranteed service.


The Online Radio Codes UK service offers a quick and simple way to unlock your car radio, with most codes delivered instantly or fast.

The Internet Pro’s:

  • You don’t have to take your car anywhere and can do it yourself.
  • You get your code quickly.

The Internet Cons:

  • The code may not work so make sure you check the sites reputation and ensure the payment method is safe and covered (e.g., PayPal or credit card).
  • You need to enter the unlock code yourself.

Dealerships and Local Garages

Taking your vehicle to a dealership or a local garage to get the radio unlocked is another option, depending on the dealership/garage it may be free or may cost you a small fee.

Garage/Dealership Pro’s:

  • The dealership or garage will deal with everything for you.
  • You don’t have the stress of having to find the radio’s serial and other details.

Garage/Dealership Cons:

  • You will need to drive your vehicle to the dealership or garage.
  • It may cost more than an online service depending on your radio type.

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