October 2019 Used Car Mileage Statistics

In October 2019 we had just over 50,000 searches through our website, our free check on the homepage includes a mileage check. In this blog post we have used the mileage data to give you an idea of how many vehicles have mileage issues.

What’s a mileage fail?

1. A vehicle that’s had its mileage lowered between MOT tests.

2. A vehicle that’s got a mixture of odometer readings in miles and kilometre.

What we found?

We checked a total of 51,009 vehicles in October 2019, we then went on to remove 7483 vehicles that didn’t have any mileage records, which left us with a total of 43,526 vehicles with mileage records.

Overall figures

Total vehicles checked: 43,526

Total vehicles that failed: 3257

Total fail percentage: 7.48%

Broken down figures

Failed on lowered mileage: 3028 of 43,526 (6.95%)

Failed on mix of odometer readings (miles and kilometres): 434 of 43,526 (0.99%)

Failed on mixture and lowered mileage: 205 of 43,526 (0.47%)

Average yearly mileage of failed vehicle: 8583

Average yearly mileage of passed vehicle: 9946

More information about this data

We used the gov.uk MOT API to gather the mileage records for the vehicle statistics shown in this test. All the vehicles in this test were what our users searched for during October 2019. We did this because we believe it gives a more up-to date view of the used car market vs using random registrations.

If you have any questions or want to get in touch you can contact us via email: enquiries@rapidcarcheck.co.uk

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