March 2019 Used Car Statistics

We have compiled all the data from deluxe checks ordered in March 2019, in case you didn’t know, the deluxe check is a comprehensive vehicle history check for UK vehicles. So if you are looking to buy a used car then this information will come in handy and highlights the fact that buyers should proceed with caution when buying a used vehicle.


If you are having trouble viewing the image above then don’t worry, we have produced a text version of the statistics below.

Rapid Car Check presents, March 2019 used car statistics.

Thinking of buying a used vehicle? It may have a hidden history, in fact 1 in 3 vehicles did in March 2019 alone.

In March 2019, we compiled vehicle check data and found that..

  • 15% of vehicles checked were recorded as write off
  • 11% of vehicles checked had outstanding finance
  • 3% of vehicles checked had questionable mileage
  • 1.8% of vehicles checked were recorded as scrapped
  • 0.91% of vehicles checked were recorded as stolen

Overall figures:

  • Overall 30% of vehicles checked failed
  • A further 6% of vehicles checked had warnings

Where was this information sourced?

We have sourced this information from our deluxe check package, all deluxe checks ordered between 1st March and 31st March 2019 to be exact.

What’s a Deluxe check?

Our deluxe check is a comprehensive vehicle data check designed for used car buyers in the United Kingdom. It helps reveal any hidden history a vehicle may have. The deluxe check reveals if a vehicle has:

  • Outstanding finance
  • Been written off
  • Stolen
  • Scrapped / Unscapped
  • Mileage Anomalies
  • Much more, see a sample of our deluxe check here.

What does this data prove?

These statistics show that 1 in 3 cars has either a warning or failure, so you should always take precautions when buying a used vehicle, this doesn’t just apply to consumers but also to anyone who is in the automotive industry.

To conclude

The used car market in the UK is vast and can be a good place to buy a used car, but you should proceed with caution when buying motor vehicles from private sellers, dealerships, auctions or a car dealer.

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