Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a vehicle check?

If you are buying a used vehicle, then the chances are you will need a deluxe check.


Why get a deluxe check?

Buying a used vehicle can be risky if you don’t do your ‘homework’ first, our deluxe check holds the key to that ‘homework’ and enables you to see if a vehicle has been:

  • Clocked
  • Stolen
  • Scrapped
  • Written off
  • On finance
  • And more


How does this work?

Head over to the homepage of the website and enter a vehicle registration, your free report will follow with the chance to upgrade to a deluxe check.


What data is included with free check?

Our free check includes data such as

Make, Model, Colour, Engine Size, Body, BHP, Year, MOT, TAX, Mileage & Last 3 MOT Records.


What’s included in the deluxe check?

Please see our deluxe check sample for a demonstration of what is provided in this premium check.


How much is the deluxe check?

We currently offer the deluxe check for £8.99, but this may change from time to time. For example, if you use a coupon code or we higher/lower the price.


Do you provide car insurance information?

No, this is not something we provide in our reports. However, if you want to check your vehicle is insured you can do so by entering your vehicle registration at the askMID website.


Do you provide previous owner names and personal details?

No, we provide the number of previous owners and when the last previous owner change was.


Do you offer bulk check discounts?

Yes, you can get a bulk check discount by visiting this page.


Need help?

If your answer isn’t here or on the homepage of the website, then please contact us, we normally reply within 1 day.