Rapid Car Check is the UK’s No.1 vehicle history car check, MOT Check & BHP Check website. We help used car buyers and traders in the UK.

The Rapid Car Check project was launch in August 2018, Rapid Car Check is owned and operated by Croll Group Limited which is Registered in England and Wales. Company no. 14154955.

The Packages We Offer

We currently offer 3 packages:

  • Initial Check (Free)
  • Standard Check (£3.99)
  • Complete Check (£8.99)

You can see a full comparison of what each check includes on the pricing and features page. We have also created an overview below.

Free initial check

Our initial check is free and includes useful information such as Tax, MOT and vehicle data. You can try our free check by entering a registration on the homepage.

Complete check

Our complete check can be used if you are considering purchasing a used vehicle and includes more useful data than the free check does, some of this data includes:

Stolen check, Finance check, Scrapped check, written off check, Import/Export check, Mileage check, Colour change check, Reg plate change check and more.

Standard check

Our standard check is for anyone who wants all the same data as a deluxe check without outstanding finance check and vehicle valuation data.

The standard check still includes:
Stolen check, written off check, Import/Export check, Mileage check, Colour change check, Reg plate change check and more.

The standard check doesn’t include:
Finance check, vehicle valuation data, £30,000 Data Guarantee.

Rapid Car Check: Your Essential Guide to Vehicle History and Safety

Introduction Understanding the history and condition of a vehicle is crucial for any buyer or seller. A Rapid Car Check provides comprehensive insights into a car’s past, offering peace of mind and ensuring a smart, informed purchase.

Why Rapid Car Check is Essential

  1. Accident History: Reveals any past accidents, helping you assess vehicle safety and repair quality.
  2. Service Records: Shows servicing history, indicating how well the car has been maintained.
  3. Ownership History: Tracks ownership changes, potentially highlighting issues like frequent turnovers.
  4. Outstanding Finance: Ensures the car isn’t burdened with unpaid loans, protecting you from legal complications.
  5. Mileage Check: Confirms if the car’s mileage is consistent with its history, detecting potential odometer fraud.

The Benefits

  • Informed Decisions: Provides a clear picture of the car’s condition, aiding in negotiation and decision-making.
  • Financial Safety: Avoids investments in problematic vehicles, saving money on future repairs and legal issues.
  • Legal Compliance: Ensures all legal requirements are met, preventing future disputes or complications.

A Rapid Car Check is an indispensable tool in the car buying process. It equips you with essential information, guiding you towards a safe, reliable, and worthwhile vehicle investment.