2.5 Million Vehicle Mileage Check

Please note: we have since released a bigger test in September 2020 when we tested the mileage of 7 million vehicles

Vehicle mileage issues and clocking can be a problem for used car buyers., We have done this test to get an idea of how many vehicles have mileage discrepancies (the more data the better the picture).

What counts as a mileage discrepancy?

When the mileage has been lowered between MOT tests.

When there’s a mixture of miles and kilometre unit readings.

We offer the same mileage check as we carried out on this test for free, and you can check your vehicle in seconds below:


Overall findings

We started this test 29th November 2019 and finished it on 10th December 2019. We started compiling the data on the 10th December 2019 (there was a lot of data to work through!).

Total vehicles checked: 2,500,000 (2.5 Million)

Total vehicles failed: 160,430

Total fail percentage: 6.41%

The findings broken down

Failed on lowered mileage: 149,767 out of 2,500,000

Percentage of above: 5.99%

Failed from mixture of odometer readings (miles and kilometres): 18,224 of 2,500,000

Percentage of above: 0.72%

Failed on both mixed readings and lowered mileage: 7561 out of 2,500,000

Percentage of above: 0.30%

Fails By Make & Model

We used the mileage data in this test to see which makes and models had the most fails. We only included vehicles that had more than 800 fails in total.

Make & ModelTotal FailedTotal CheckedFail Rate
VAUXHALL COMBO856650713.16%
FORD TRANSIT55984309812.99%
BMW X5882753111.71%
VAUXHALL VECTRA18111563911.58%
PEUGEOT 20613911222711.38%
FIAT PUNTO13311275510.44%
RENAULT CLIO2545272579.34%
RENAULT MEGANE1368152938.95%
NISSAN MICRA1189137308.66%
FORD KA1652194078.51%
TOYOTA YARIS1662198108.39%
PEUGEOT 2071230152198.08%
CITROEN C4952120817.88%
VAUXHALL ZAFIRA2078276407.52%
CITROEN C3861115677.44%
AUDI A61236166977.40%
MINI MINI2623367947.13%
BMW 3 SERIES4370627576.96%
HONDA CIVIC1553225166.90%
FORD MONDEO2016292816.89%
AUDI A42568388446.61%
VAUXHALL ASTRA4545700056.49%
SKODA OCTAVIA893146556.09%
VOLKSWAGEN GOLF5228861796.07%
FORD FOCUS4771808035.90%
VAUXHALL CORSA4284736525.82%
VOLKSWAGEN POLO2588493525.24%
AUDI A32402480235.00%
MERCEDES-BENZ C999216644.61%
SEAT LEON849196654.32%
SEAT IBIZA975233404.18%
FORD FIESTA3902969864.02%

Explanation of the above data:

  • Make & Model – Vehicle make and model.
  • Total Failed – How many failed out of the Total Checked for this make + model.
  • Total Checked – The total checked from the 2,500,000 list.
  • Fail Rate – The fail percentage for the make + model (worked out using Total Failed and Total Checked data)

Average Annual Mileage of Passed VS Failed Vehicle

Just like we did in the 1 million mileage test, we compiled the average yearly mileage of vehicles that passed VS vehicles that failed. This is what we found.

Average Yearly Mileage of Passed Vehicle (2,339,570 Passed):


Average Yearly Mileage of Failed Vehicle (160,430 Failed):


Estimated Vehicles With Mileage Discrepancies in the UK

Below we have worked out the estimated number of vehicles in the UK with mileage issues. According to racfoundation.org there were 38.7 million vehicles as of June 2019.

The overall failure percentage in this test was: 6.41%

6.41% of 38,700,000 =


More information about this data

How was this test carried out?

We used a large list of vehicle registrations and ran them through our custom software, this took some time do, but gave us the data we needed for this research.

Where is the mileage data from?

We used the gov.uk MOT API to collect the mileage data.

Why so many vehicles?

The more data the better, it gives a clearer picture of mileage discrepancies if we collect more data. So, we tried our best to collect as much as possible.

Have a question?

You can contact us via email: enquiries@rapidcarcheck.co.uk

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