Free Mileage History Check

Our Mileage Check Includes

Last 30 Mileage Records

We display the last 30 mileage records, but our automated check looks at the last 50 for discrepancies.

Simple Warning Message

Our mileage check looks for anomalies in a vehicle’s mileage history, if any are found you will receive a warning and explanation.

Mileage Graph

This report displays a graph of the last 25 mileage records, This makes it easier for you to spot anything unusual.

Mileage Statistics and This Report

How many vehicles have mileage issues?

On testing, we checked a total of 12,300 unique vehicle registrations and found that 797 had mileage issues, this figure means that 6.47% of vehicles we checked had mileage issues.

Estimated total number of vehicles with mileage issues in UK

To work out this estimated figure we must know how many vehicles are in the UK, according to there were 38.2 million (38,200,000) vehicles in the UK as of December 2018. 6.47% of 38.2 million is 2.47 million (2,471,539).

So, the short answer is an estimated 2.47 million vehicles have mileage discrepancies in the UK, but please remember these figures are estimated and based off our test.

How was this data collected?

Before we released this tool, we took the opportunity to run 12,300 unique and random vehicle registration plates through it, we did this to reveal the statistics you see above. This test was conducted in June 2019.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who was this report designed for?

This report was designed for vehicle owners, buyers, dealers and traders.


What’s the purpose of this report?

To make finding mileage discrepancies quick and easy, to save you having to manually look through MOT records to find unusual mileage (our tool does this for free and in seconds!).


How many mileage records does this report check?

It checks a maximum of 50 records for known discrepancies, that being said not many vehicles have this many records anyway!


How many records are shown in the bar graph?

A maximum of 25 records are displayed in the bar graph.


Where are the car mileage records from?

When you perform a car mileage check on this page, the mot histories of the vehicle are sourced directly from the MOT database.


Is this the only report needed for buying a used car?

No, if you are serious about buying a used car/vehicle you must do the relevant checks and buy a full car data check. Afterall a vehicles registration can be copied/cloned so without carrying out checks you may not be checking the genuine vehicle in the first place!


Is this report free?

Yes, this report is 100% free and we do not require any credit card or payment information whatsoever.


Are there any guarantees with this report?

No, if you want data guarantees for your peace of mind, you will need to perform a free car check here and then upgrade to the Deluxe check. The deluxe check helps you uncover a vehicles history and includes vital information such as if a vehicle has been written off, on finance, stolen and more. You can see a sample of the Deluxe check here.