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Enter your vehicles registration and you will be taken to your free history check.

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Get your free report which includes road tax info, mot history & basic vehicle details.

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We offer a premium deluxe check for £8.99 which includes vital information such as outstanding finance, stolen check and much more.

More About Our Free Car Check

We have made every effort possible to offer as much free vehicle data as possible. This is because we want to offer you a quick and easy solution when it comes to getting a vehicle history check.

Our free check includes a lot of vital information such as:
MOT status and history, Road tax status and renewal costs, Vehicle make & model, Colour, Engine size, BHP, Average yearly mileage, Vehicles age, Vehicles registered date, Vehicle recall data, Last 3 MOT records + even more in our MOT report.

We have packed our free report full of vehicle data and offer it entirely free, if you are interested in a full vehicle history check we also offer an optional upgrade to used car buyers called the “standard” and “deluxe” check. These 2 checks offer a great deal more history on a vehicle such as whether a vehicle’s got outstanding finance, stolen, written off and more.

The deluxe check also offers a £30,000 data guarantee like what HPI check and others offer, so if you are serious about buying a used car or vehicle you can do so in confidence, We also offer a used car buyer’s guide which can be found in our blog as well as a guide that allows you to verify a vehicles identity against our deluxe check.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Offer Help?

If you need help or have any questions we offer support via the contact page or email:

Do You Offer Recall and Car Safety Check Data?

We currently display any car safety recalls at the bottom of the free report below the latest 3 MOT records, if there aren’t any recalls displayed it means there’s no DVSA record of a vehicle recall.

And after all, Car safety & car care should be a top priority! so knowing if any recalls are present on a vehicle will help you be better equipt when buying a second-hand car.

What Road Tax Data Do You Provide?

We currently provide the road tax due date, tax band (A-M), CO2 emissions and renewal cost for 6 & 12 months.

How Many Cars Do You Check a Day?

We check the car history of over 1000 vehicles every day, so if you plan on buying or selling a used vehicle you know you can rely on our free and paid checks when it comes to vehicle history.

Do You Offer Car Service History?

No, we are unable to offer car servicing history simply because there isn’t any central database for this. If a seller tells you there is a full-service history on the vehicle you should ask them for proof.

Does This Work For Motorbikes?

Yes, You can also use our free and paid reports for a bike check. We provide our service for bikes, cars & vans but the only difference is, we do not provide valuation data for bikes, vans or cars that are older than 12 years.

Do You Check Motor Insurance?

No, we do not check the motor insurance status of a vehicle however you can do this using the askMID website.

Do You Offer a Way To Validate Log Books?

You may or may not know, but when buying a used vehicle, you should verify the V5C log book date matches the one on your standard/deluxe check. This is a measure to ensure the log book is authentic and not a copy or stolen one.

We offer the V5C log book date, engine number & vin last 4 digits in our standard and deluxe check as well as a guide on how to check these 3 things.

Do You Supply Car Battery Type Data?

No, We do not currently provide car battery data however we do provide a vast range of other car specs such as Make, Model, BHP and more.

Who Is This For?

We have created this check with used car buyers and traders in mind, we have made every effort to make our history checks the easiest to understand whilst making them great value for money.

Why Rapid Car Check?

There are a lot of companies offering vehicle history checks for example the HPI check, but we think we bring something different to the table.

Data Guarantees

Whether you’re learning to drive and looking for a vehicle for when you pass or just fancy a change, we have you covered. The deluxe check offers you a £30,000 data guarantee, finance, stolen, written off, mileage check and much more and for only £8.99.


Our comprehensive deluxe check is even cheaper if you buy multiple checks at once, for example we sell 3x checks for £14.99 or 5x checks for £19.89 (that’s £3.97 each and a saving of £5.02 per check compared to single checks!).

Easy to understand

We pride ourselves on offering a simple to understand vehicle check, we also offer you a preview of our deluxe check which you can see by clicking “Sample” at the top of this page.

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