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We Analysed Over 7500 Deluxe Checks

We analysed 7544 of our most comprehensive vehicle history checks (the deluxe check), we did this to find out the most common issues faced by used car buyers.

Overall result findings

With each deluxe check, we issue an overall result, you can see a sample report here – the overall result is either Pass, Warning or Fail.

Pass – 4557 / 7544 (60.40%)
Fail – 2536 / 7544 (33.61%)
Warning – 451 / 7544 (5.97%)

Reports with 1 fail & 1 warning:

122 / 7544 ( 1.61% ) – Classed as “Fail”

Below, we have further broken down what makes up these statistics, for example the top reasons for a fail/warning.

Fail statistics broken down

TypeTotal FailsTotal CheckedFail Rate
Written off1332754417.65%
Outstanding finance1152754415.27%
Stolen (insurance)2675440.34%
Seen on salvage1575440.19%
Stolen (police)675440.07%

Explanation of above data:

Warning statistics broken down

TypeTotal WarningsTotal CheckedWarning Rate
Unclear finance status10475441.37%

Explanation of above data:

More information about this data

Was any data filtered from these statistics?

Yes, we removed any deluxe checks from this research that had more than 1 fail, or more than 1 warning. (We did this to make the results clearer and easier to understand)

However, some deluxe checks that failed still include warnings as well, for example a vehicle with outstanding finance and mileage issues would be classed as a fail.

Did you include standard check data?

No, we only included our premium deluxe checks in this research – no standard check data was used.

Why were mileage warnings lower than previous research?

Whilst mileage warnings were lower than previous research, we believe this is because we offer this check for free via our initial check.

When was this data collected?

We collected deluxe check data of 7544 checks between the start of 2019 and 2nd Nov 2020.

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