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17.5 Million+ Vehicle Mileage Check

Mileage discrepancies can cost used vehicle buyers a lot in the long run, the 3 main problems that come to mind when buying a clocked vehicle are:

We tested the mileage of just over 17.5 million vehicles to compile this test data, in this data we released fails by:

What counts as a mileage discrepancy?

In this test, we counted the following as a mileage discrepancy:

For this test we only included vehicles that had odometer unit readings in miles (We excluded any vehicles with readings in kilometres).

Fails by make and model

We compiled the data from this mileage check and made a list of fails by make and model. We only included makes and models with more than 50,000+ total checked.

Make & ModelTotal FailedTotal CheckedFail Rate
RENAULT SCENIC181835083735.77%
FORD ESCORT5476725812821.22%
FORD TRANSIT4943533697214.67%
FORD KA2207016110813.70%
VAUXHALL COMBO79725830713.67%
PEUGEOT 40680456020313.36%
NISSAN ALMERA80126282912.75%
LAND ROVER DISCOVERY113528907412.74%
PEUGEOT 2061979215981312.38%
VAUXHALL VECTRA2495120241512.33%
TOYOTA YARIS1452913190111.02%
FORD GALAXY64165903210.87%
VAUXHALL ZAFIRA1714615864710.81%
FORD FIESTA7482369645010.74%
CITROEN XSARA102029745010.47%
CITROEN SAXO60885894510.33%
MERCEDES BENZ A55735429810.26%
RENAULT MEGANE152211540539.88%
TOYOTA AVENSIS7807799339.77%
VAUXHALL VIVARO5017519169.66%
BMW 3 SERIES297543082239.65%
RENAULT LAGUNA8237854109.64%
PEUGEOT 3077959826599.63%
PEUGEOT 30698321021769.62%
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT156681649629.50%
RENAULT CLIO279432969909.41%
TOYOTA COROLLA8904953759.34%
FIAT PUNTO153121641639.33%
FORD FOCUS474375103659.29%
NISSAN MICRA209952262839.28%
PEUGEOT 1068311901889.22%
NISSAN PRIMERA5616612609.17%
CITROEN C36747740869.11%
VAUXHALL ASTRA496185585268.88%
CITROEN BERLINGO6739759618.87%
HONDA ACCORD4958558928.87%
HONDA CIVIC174341989888.76%
AUDI A4142551658628.59%
VOLKSWAGEN GOLF398794681148.52%
VAUXHALL CORSA417044902048.51%
VAUXHALL MERIVA4453533298.35%
AUDI A65180627508.25%
CITROEN C44293548957.82%
VOLKSWAGEN POLO223182886387.73%
MINI MINI118741554827.64%
SAAB 9 33970529117.50%
SKODA OCTAVIA5139689777.45%
FORD MONDEO263233634237.24%
MERCEDES BENZ C6564906897.24%
MERCEDES BENZ E3810547146.96%
PEUGEOT 2076304959256.57%
HONDA CR V4225666686.34%
SKODA FABIA4623740296.24%
AUDI A389171432616.22%
SEAT IBIZA4520811605.57%
SEAT LEON3039563085.40%
ROVER 2143057592905.16%
HONDA JAZZ4102940594.36%
NISSAN QASHQAI2699750343.60%

Explanation of above data:

Fails by colour, make and model

We compiled the data from this mileage check and made a list of fails by colour, make and model. We only included vehicles with more than 35,000+ total checked.

Colour/Make & ModelTotal FailedTotal CheckedFail Rate
White FORD ESCORT94664523120.93%
Red FORD ESCORT134336524220.59%
Blue FORD ESCORT138606785820.43%
Green FORD FIESTA69994709714.86%
White FORD TRANSIT3427123202814.77%
White FORD TRANSIT CONNECT61004331914.08%
White VAUXHALL COMBO51743677314.07%
Blue FORD KA59244252313.93%
Red FORD FIESTA1696013181412.87%
Blue VAUXHALL VECTRA59514730312.58%
Blue PEUGEOT 20644593549812.56%
White MERCEDES BENZ SPRINTER51504151212.41%
Silver VAUXHALL VECTRA89317436012.01%
Silver TOYOTA YARIS55274660411.86%
Silver PEUGEOT 20667155736311.71%
Blue VAUXHALL ZAFIRA42203653711.55%
Blue FORD FIESTA1986917655011.25%
Silver VAUXHALL ZAFIRA62835744810.94%
Blue BMW 3 SERIES77907393510.54%
Silver BMW 3 SERIES64286101810.53%
White VAUXHALL ASTRA55125287810.42%
Blue VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT45944447910.33%
Silver FORD FOCUS1383913462110.28%
Black RENAULT CLIO61535990410.27%
White CITROEN BERLINGO3967398079.97%
Blue RENAULT CLIO7641766909.96%
Blue AUDI A43600362289.94%
Silver RENAULT CLIO5240528919.91%
Silver VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT3811386619.86%
Blue FIAT PUNTO4113422559.73%
Red FORD FOCUS3639379969.58%
Blue NISSAN MICRA4177438499.53%
Red VOLKSWAGEN GOLF4912521449.42%
Silver FORD FIESTA122471311779.34%
Red NISSAN MICRA5154551779.34%
Silver NISSAN MICRA3724399929.31%
Silver VAUXHALL ASTRA138481490899.29%
Silver VAUXHALL CORSA122201316259.28%
Blue VAUXHALL CORSA96461052529.16%
Blue VAUXHALL ASTRA104291139619.15%
White FORD FIESTA5683620919.15%
Blue FORD FOCUS125021374859.09%
Black BMW 3 SERIES6232692629%
Silver HONDA CIVIC4707528958.90%
Blue VOLKSWAGEN GOLF8300937338.85%
Black VAUXHALL CORSA7445851278.75%
Blue HONDA CIVIC3367384958.75%
Black FORD FOCUS7853909608.63%
Blue VOLKSWAGEN POLO4994579068.62%
Black VOLKSWAGEN GOLF95741113008.60%
Black FORD FIESTA90271059358.52%
Silver VOLKSWAGEN GOLF8323982258.47%
Red RENAULT CLIO3912465038.41%
Silver FORD MONDEO7238884038.19%
Red VOLKSWAGEN POLO3618442918.17%
Silver VOLKSWAGEN POLO4810594088.10%
Red VAUXHALL ASTRA5581695538.02%
Black VAUXHALL ASTRA6752845947.98%
Red VAUXHALL CORSA5724734477.79%
Black FORD MONDEO3647479217.61%
Black AUDI A42828379877.44%
Blue FORD MONDEO6623917177.22%
Grey FORD FOCUS3793545006.96%
Black VOLKSWAGEN POLO3474500556.94%
Grey VAUXHALL ASTRA2670395236.76%
Grey BMW 3 SERIES2606386036.75%
Red FORD MONDEO2742416106.59%
Grey VOLKSWAGEN GOLF3242539526.01%
Black AUDI A32700453785.95%

Explanation of above data:

Fails by year, make and model

We compiled the data from this mileage check and made a list of fails by year, make and model. We only included vehicles with more than 25,000+ total checked.

Year/Make & ModelTotal FailedTotal CheckedFail Rate
1998 FORD FIESTA125023758233.27%
1998 FORD ESCORT115963683331.48%
1997 FORD FIESTA117883942429.90%
1997 FORD ESCORT111014001227.74%
2003 FORD FOCUS110004358325.24%
1996 FORD FIESTA92634159622.27%
1996 FORD ESCORT94844329421.91%
2002 FORD FOCUS94355267117.91%
1995 FORD ESCORT71974147817.35%
2002 VAUXHALL ASTRA55463460416.03%
2003 VAUXHALL ASTRA53113316116.02%
2002 VAUXHALL CORSA46923050815.38%
2003 VAUXHALL CORSA45893024015.18%
2004 VAUXHALL CORSA41582854914.56%
1994 FORD ESCORT41732953014.13%
2005 VAUXHALL CORSA35422586413.69%
1995 FORD FIESTA43983298913.33%
2002 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF40463091513.09%
1998 VAUXHALL ASTRA34412629813.08%
1999 FORD FOCUS31752545012.48%
2004 VAUXHALL ASTRA32682625412.45%
2002 RENAULT CLIO32892720712.09%
2003 RENAULT CLIO30202509012.04%
2002 PEUGEOT 20639833323111.99%
2002 FORD FIESTA35552987911.90%
2003 FORD FIESTA38603281711.76%
2002 FORD MONDEO29682544011.67%
2004 FORD FOCUS43743787111.55%
2004 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF29812590511.51%
2003 PEUGEOT 20630102811510.71%
2005 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF2627268949.77%
2005 VAUXHALL ASTRA3180337969.41%
1997 VAUXHALL CORSA2385260039.17%
2004 PEUGEOT 2062321258828.97%
1997 VAUXHALL ASTRA2544293758.66%
2005 FORD FOCUS3714441428.41%
2004 FORD FIESTA2634315018.36%
2006 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF2102261958.02%
2006 VAUXHALL ASTRA2898361718.01%
2006 FORD FOCUS3348453067.39%
1996 VAUXHALL ASTRA1871257407.27%
2005 FORD FIESTA2130294287.24%
2006 FORD FIESTA2769390667.09%
1995 VAUXHALL ASTRA2017286997.03%
1998 FORD MONDEO2013286517.03%
1997 FORD MONDEO2266326816.93%
2007 VAUXHALL CORSA2231330626.75%
2007 FORD FOCUS2990447106.69%
2007 VAUXHALL ASTRA2833426646.64%
2007 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF1702283925.99%
2007 FORD FIESTA2209386005.72%
2008 VAUXHALL ASTRA1906338915.62%
2008 VAUXHALL CORSA1942346085.61%
1996 FORD MONDEO1512281395.37%
2010 VAUXHALL ASTRA1614304625.30%
2008 FORD FOCUS2033395585.14%
2008 FORD FIESTA1838362825.07%
2009 VAUXHALL CORSA1358294994.60%
1995 FORD MONDEO1280280854.56%
2009 FORD FIESTA1868434494.30%
2009 FORD FOCUS1372331154.14%
2010 VAUXHALL CORSA1050272513.85%
2010 FORD FIESTA1390398413.49%
2010 FORD FOCUS832275083.02%
2011 FORD FIESTA1083366532.95%
2011 FORD FOCUS684292362.34%

Explanation of above data:

Worst years for lowered mileage

The below data shows the worst years for mileage lowering being detected. for example, if mileage lowering was detected on 15th September 2016 this would count as 2016.

Year Mileage LoweredNo of Vehicles

Please note: we removed 2021 as the year had only just started when publishing this data.

More details about this data

Where was the mileage data sourced from?

We used the DVSA MOT API to gather the mileage records of over 17.5 vehicles that were used in this test.

Can I check the mileage of a vehicle myself?

Yes, we offer the same mileage check as carried out in this test for free here:

Got a question?

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